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Set up the drill

From this screen you establish the drill parameters. At any time during the drill you can return and reset the parameters. Important Note: The drill parameters are stored in a session variable and your browser must accept the cookie in order to run the drill.

See Special Note below

Type of mathComplexity
Addition and Subtraction
Easy: No negative numbers
(use for division with no fractions
- not used in "Addition and Subtraction")

Simple: only two numbers
(three numbers in "Addition and Subtraction")
Complex: up to 10 numbers
Number SizeEnhanced Options (See Special Note Below)
Operand 1
Operands 2+
Numbers between -99999 and 99999 only
Values set in Base 10 ONLY
Operands? - In the example 3 + 4 + 2 There are three Operands. The first is "3" and Operand 2+ are the "4" and the "2". By allowing you to set the operands minimum and maximum vlaues you can work just certain number sets. We do require at least TWO numbers (The Min and the Max may not be the same number for any Operand) and if using division, you may not set Operand 2+ Min or Max to 0.
Do 2 place decimal math?
Decimal off Decimal on

Multiplication: Use * or x :
* x

Division: Operand 2+ must be smaller than Operand 1 :
No Yes

Division: Use / or ÷ :
/ ÷

Allow equation's as answer:
No Yes

Select Base:
2 4 5 8 10
Keep "score" of your attempts
Privacy notice
Score off
Score on
Enter the number of problems
you want to count.
Run a timer for your session.
Timer off
Timer on
View Problem
We get e-mail to add this feature all the time. It's already here!

Warning: When you get to division it will use fractions to two decimal places (example: 1.25). Do not round.

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Special Note!

In the above selection area you will see certain options "gray'd out" The portions of the drills that we have gray'd out are part of the enhanced membership option. Membership is $10.00USD for a one year membership that provides access to all the additional features on all the games on this site. We will continue to offer FREE drill games on the site.

Increase the challenge!

While it's not algebra, it's sort of fun. rather than just solve the problem and enter the answer (example: 10+20 = 30 ) why not try solving the equation with another equation (example: 10+20 = 6*5). Yes, the system knows how to resolve that too. Have fun!

If you have any feedback, we would love to hear it.
Free for teachers, this product gives teachers access to the EduCAD-ST product for use in their classrooms and with their students. Teachers sign up, then can create links to problem types from pre-algebra through pre-calculus that they can put on their web sites for their students. Student can follow those links and anonymously use the tool to learn how to do that problem type. All this at no cost to the teacher or the student, and no advertising to the student. Yep, it's basically free. ,,
Three versions of the same product.
milcetp is 100% free and advertising free for anyone with a .mil e-mail address.
hscetp is 100% free for any US Public School student for either that ACT or SAT (the other can be purchased at a very low cost) and is advertising free
collegeentrancetestprep is for those that are not in either of the above groups and is a full priced product.

All are the exact same product, just with different price points. The product uses the students answers in the "official" ACT and/or SAT practice tests (from their respective "official" books) to identify the problem types that a student should be focusing on for the student to excel at these two standardized tests. Then allows the student as much time in EduCAD-ST working on those problem types as they need to learn and know how to do the math.
e-books that use the tool, but in hardcopy format, to help the students prepare for the ACT and SAT math portions. Not interactive, but good for when you don't have an internet connection.
In development for a Summer 2017 release. Every summer in English class students get "summer reading". In other words, they stay active in the class even when on break. The problem is that is NOT true for math class. We felt that was unfair to students and teachers. The teachers spend the first 3-4 weeks of the fall semester doing review of the prior years work, so the students can be ready to move on. That means less tme to teach new math concepts, and less time to learn for the students. The summerbridgemath series is access to a preset number of problem types for a student to review over summer so that they can come to class ready to start learning new material on day one.

This is strictly a commercial product and will not be given away for free. But we have priced it so that if a school purchases it for all their students it will be less than a cup of Starbucks coffee per student.