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Social Studies


US Presidents States and Capitals US Geography

Welcome to Social Studies

To access the drill games, please use the tabs above.

Currently we offer the following drills related to Social Studies:

US Presidents
A basic drill about the facts related to Presidents of the United States. (Now, we realize that this site is international, and if someone wants us to add information about their national leadership, we will be more than happy to, if you provide us with the data. Please contact us for details on the data file formats)

States and Capitals
A very specific drill that uses Cities within the States, so that there is a possibility that a guess won't be good enough (sometimes the major city isn't the capital).

US Geography
How well do you know information about your state? About any state? This drill allows you to select what you want to be drilled on, state flowers to state flags, and then runs you through the drill on those items.

Okay, we admit that we are US-centric. We know that the world doesn't revolve around the United States (although sometimes the US Administration doesn't know that). We would love to develop expanded versions of these designed for alternative countries and look forward to hearing from teachers in those countries that are willing to develop the database to help us provide those drills. If you are interested in helping out, use the Contact Us form to let us know.

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