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Money Math


Money Count Making Change Spending Money Piggy Bank Breakin

Welcome to Money Math

To access the drill games, please use the tabs above.

Money math is about understanding how money works. That begind with learning how to count it. Then there is the need to learn how to add and subtract money, it's values and how different values can be obtained.

In order to do this we have created a number of programs related to money math. These are:

Money Count
A very basic program that allows you to count up money by denomination images.

Making Change
The student is provided with a dollar amount and is asked to make change by indicating how many of each denomination they should return.

Spending Money
The student is told that they have a set amount of money to spend, and then presented woth a potential shopping list from which to spend the money by purchasing any number of items with any quantity. The goal is to see how fast the student can get within $1.00 of the money that they have been given.

Piggy Bank Breakin
Here the student is told what came out of a piggy bank in banknotes and coinage and they have to enter the appropriate total (Making Change in reverse)

Some of the games use international currency as an enhanced, members only, option.

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